Staff - highly trained group of professionals who know how to take care of your dog, are willing to put your dog first!

Lucy is Crystal Glen’s long time partner in the showing and breeding aspect of Crystal Glen.  She has been my(Sue's) traveling companion for over to 20 years, and together we have enjoyed the triumphs as well as shared the tragedies that are all part of breeding, raising and showing dogs. She manges both the kennel side of our business, greeting customers, doing paper work, caring for the canine companions as well as the Crystal Glen Golden Retrievers.

She manages the Golden Retrievers - maintaining their health and happiness. Exercising, doing PT work as well as laser work on our show and performance dogs. She  helps with the puppies’  continuing eeducation—taking them to daycare and class.

She has co-owned numerous Crystal Glen Goldens, her current two Levi the wonder dog, and Kaithe rock star!  She along with me has put obedience and agility titles on our Goldens.  As well as occasionally filling in for me in the conformation ring where more than once she has actually beaten me! .

To sum it up she is simply Crystal Glen’s golden gal!



Tia— our Assistant Kennel Manager has been with us for 14 years!  Her loyalty and years of experience are highly valued.  She keeps Crystal Glen’s lodging and daycare operations running smoothly.  She started with us as basic kennel help, coming from a background of both horses and dogs.  In California she was a vet technician for many years as well as working at other kennels in her earlier days.  She spent several years working on the race track caring for race horses.  At Crystal Glen she worked her way up from basic cleaning help to managing our lodging facility and will now take over much of the basic care of the Crystal Glen Golden Retievers.  She lives on the property with her two Miniature Pinchers Shalalie and Autumn to help insure 24 hour supervision.


Owners: - Sue and Willl actively oversee Crystal Glen, insuring the best for your CG Golden. Sue continues to breed and show the top winning Golden Retrievers in Colorado.

Sue - Masters in Animal Behavior - Colorado State Univ., Who's Who Professional Handler 20+ years, top breeder Champion Golden Retrievers. 40 years of caring for dogs.

Willi - Masters in Psycology - Univ. of Ill.