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Day Care for those with an outdoor spirit!

Day Care -

Our kennel/day care facility and home are situated on fourteen acres of land in north Fort Collins, Colorado.

We have 3 seperate play yards for the day care dogs.

Our day care is unique. The play groups are small no more than six dogs per group. Unlike most others that have 20-30 dogs per room.

The new dogs to our facility are observed so that we can find which group suits them best.

The dogs have the freedom to the great Colorado outdoors. Where they can soak up the rays and enjoy the fresh air.

Or they can go inside the kennel if they prefer that.

They can also enjoy some extra amenities - pools, stream, play ground and field for a small extra fee.

As with the overnight lodging we are working hard to keep costs down - so our price per day is on an average of $5-8 less than other competitors.

Again - our services are still the highest quality.

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